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Never let happiness interfere with a good sulk.

Enjoy unhappiness; it’s that feeling you have just before you are happy again.

Men are happy when women are doing things; women are happy when men are helping them.

It’s better to laugh like an idiot than despair like a genius.

Happiness is being smacko; it’s twice as good is being whacko.

Be happy when people compliment you; be even happier when you  compliment yourself.

Like a hawk bathing in a bird bath, so happiness surprises in unexpected places.

Happiness resides in what we think, not in keeping from the brink.

Happiness is in what happens inside of us on the way home from making someone else happy.

Having something to do makes us happy; having someone to do it with even happier.

Be happy that all the unhappy things you thought would happen didn’t.

Always take along food in case of unhappiness, and take extra in case you meet unhappy people.