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Prevent disappointment; attempt nothing.

Realities disappoint; tenacities anoint.

Smelt love; discard the slag.

Expectation begets disappointment; it also births success.

To avoid being disappointed avoid being human.

Heal all disillusionments with hope — and hard work.

Expectation is a slope; disappointment is a wall.

Perfectionism dismays; gratitude hoorays.

For the dissatisfied it is prescribed — gaze outside.

Harm embitters, the hopeful future brightly glitters.

Disappointments are the by product of caring — so are deep relationships.

Hope for everything; celebrate at least one thing.

Disappointment — suck it up; choke it down; spit it out; stomp it.

Setbacks prevalent; advances equivalent.

Re-anoint the young who disappoint.

Integrity’s loss makes disappointment the boss.

Parents give, the children take — disappointment is at stake.

People let you down; flies hang around.

End disappointments, keep your appointments.

The foiled become cynics by the quitting gimmick.

The disappointed cry contains another try.