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Those we love we make famous to ourselves.

Fame is exhausting; obscurity is completely so.

Better to be unknown for being good than famous for being worthless.

I make it my rule to never be more famous to others than I am to myself.

The famous wait for encores; the rest of us are just hoping for cheap seats.

To peak too early is to fall too long.

Celebrity begets insecurity which makes you famous.

Obscurity is better than infamy — less prison time.

What have we done to our famous places? We have made them pander trinkets, souvenirs and imitations to gawkers.

Everyone is the most famous version of themselves.

To sustain the game is the bane of fame.

I find that when I am very zealous, others are very jealous.

We are each the most famous person we know.

Guard your heart by giving small regard to insults, and to compliments.

All modern societies maintain entertainment slaves.