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It is one of the great accomplishments of life to construct a good fence and a strong gate.

The proper function of parents is to  protect.

When good parents are done protecting their children, they will find other little ones to guard.

In dangerous times the protective man is tempted to protect only himself.

The soldier who stops the massacre is the hero of the community.

War to protect too easily transforms into war to destroy.

Indulging instead of protecting brings an ignominious end to a fine career.

It is evidence of the strange disorder of man that he will cheat on his wife one day and take a bullet for his comrade the next.

To pray is to secretly protect.

Restoration is often the first step toward protection.

We will only protect others’ emotions after we have first learned to protect our own.

We should make it our rule in life to always be constructing places of safety and recovery for the terribly damaged.

As a law protects a business so a good father protects his daughter.