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Youth hopes much, believes most and fears least.

Youth believes; age achieves.

When you are young, believe that your dreams can come true; when you are old, make sure they do.

The chief disadvantage of being young is in being bossed around by people who know so much less than you do.

Runny noses, bossy adults and unrequited crushes — such things make one long to be old.

Retirement homes and junior high schools have this in common: The inmates quickly grow restless.

Young is young and old is old; together they make something bold.

All men brag that they look good; the difference between young men and old men is that old men actually believe it.

I don’t care what young men do, as long as they don’t do it on the Internet and scare my children.

It is the perogative of the old to give opportunity to the young.

First we study, and then we try; after we fail, then we star.

Wise leaders give opportunity to those who will one day replace them.