If you don’t like the returns you’ve gotten on stocks, cheer yourself up, invest in time shares.

It’s either “the economy, stupid,” or “the stupid economy.”

All it takes to inspire another young American to max out a credit card is a trip to Washington DC.

Once we sold corn, then we sold corn syrup, now we sell corn-powered cars so economies morph.

An economy occurs as soon as someone wants what someone else has.

The economy is the social network we belong to by default.

A shopper without a price anchor is like a shopper with ten million dollars; both will pay too much for too little.

The economy exists within our emotions; anxiety and hope rule the attribution of value.

In an economic recessions the “economy” transmogrifies into a Hydra.

In modern economies records have replaced relationships.

  1. kitty says:

    the statement: “The economy exists within our emotions; anxiety and hope rule the attribution of value.” is entirely true. Something I feel that people just cannot see in our current economic state is that the people have control. The more people panic, the worse the situation becomes, but if people were to act in confidence and work to succeed rather than to survive, the recession/depression would lessen. It is a sad state intensified by the ignorance of the general population.

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