Inadequacy created the superhero.

Our only political hope is to throw a golden lasso around the goverment.

It is a myth that one superhero can save the planet; it is a reality that a bunch of ordinary people working together might do it.

Superheroes need only one confidant, the rest of us several support groups and a therapist.

What troubles Batman troubles us all — something we remember about our parents.

Fear is green Krytonite, love unstoppable power.

A devastated past is the fuel for a superpowered future.

Superheroes wear costumes because naked acrobats just scare people.

As the Hulk is energized by anger so passions fuel us all.

Superheroes add to our entertainment and subtract from our  cash.

Superheroes are overrated; they make lousy spouses.

After one is super we need them to again be ordinary.

The problem with our iron clad men is that they become more  iron than men.


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