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Gobble hobble; waste taste.

Taste is mace; appetite is a mugger.

No accounting for tastelessness.

Taste is learned, unfamiliar spurned.

Taste is a blast; it comes from the past.

Pleasant places, pleasant tastes.

Sweet, the treat; sugar, the hooker.

The great enemy of coffee — bad coffee.

We eat and wear our who-we-are

Wisdom lies in the taste of ones own reticence.

To calm is to cope

To cope don’t mope.

To cope, hope.

Panic comes in waves; coping surfs to a sandy shore.

Coping keeps going.

A home’s is a refuge; a bed is a sanctuary.

Over-process; over-suffer.

The good life requires grit — and gratitude.

The mind and heart must both collude to have a shot at quietude.

Positive — it’s appreciative.

Positive — it’s a cognitive additive.

Negative has a loud voice; positive is a quiet choice.

Go all out; be deficiently negative.

Positive may tap into a dark muse — dismissive.

Count your blessings; curses are all just guessing.

Sanguine channels oblivious.

Affirmative is curative.

Generosity is dope; charity is dopamine.

Those who love assure; those who care calm.

We choose a path; rationality lurks in the bushes watching.

Irrationality blissfully runs over factuality.

It’s irrational to think we are rational.

The popularity and uses of irrationality parallel that of vanilla ice cream.

Data can’t stop dumb.

The world’s collective irrationality is on full, paranoiac parade at the stock market.

“It won’t happen to me” is the epitome of irrationality.

War is the apex of irrationality; its perpetuation is the nadir.

Experiment: Place preference on one side of a balance scale and reason on the other and watch reason fly off into outer space.

Relational needs no rational.

We are capable of choosing to not be capable.

The human race feasts on fallacies and sates itself on irrationalities.

Rationality — steer it from the helm of emotionality.

The most addictive sedative is simply the repetitive.

Adore the firefly; honor the sunshine; revere the starlight; cherish the galaxies.

You never need new jokes; you just need a new crowd.

Mnemosyne is the mother of the nine Muses — and Repetition.

Wisdom lies in knowing what not to repeat.

Health lies in repetition: illness lies there too.

The ability not to repeat oneself lies within the expanding circle of learning.

Return to the intrinsic that lies within the authentic.

Pain stutters, as does pleasure.

To innovate stop.

War has a stutter; the stars all shutter.

Everything speaks; not everything listens.

Everything has a language; for most of these we still need a Rosetta Stone.

The trees have been speaking; we have not been listening.

Nothing spoken has been forgotten.

Our soul is always trying to tell us what we need.

The voice of compassion we most need is our own.

As an adult we have one thing to say to ourselves as a child, “I love you so much.”

The universe speaks; our telescopes listen.

All earth’s living things speak; they have their own grammar; they use their own vocabulary.

Neurons speak a language with a complex syntax.

Oralism is colonialism; sound is no more superior to signs than white is to black.

Deafness is not in need of the hearing-world’s prescription; it has it’s own fully-enriched signing community.

Languages die when communities perish; their echo remains.

All the arts are in transit; the pleasure lies in watching them go by.

Commerce elevates the arts; the arts ennobles commerce.

Artistic is mystic, cryptic and viciously capitalistic.

Art for the rich; crafts for the poor.

Technology hatches the arts; the arts spawn technology.

The arts brew up a society.

The individual is the art of the group, the group the art of the individual.

Each person creates a unique museum of paintings, music and fashion in a room inside themselves.

The arts — they are pliers yanking out the deep emotions hidden in our souls.

Format begets the arts, the arts format.

Artistic is mystic, cryptic and viciously capitalistic.

All the arts look longingly over their shoulders.

If everything is art, nothing is art.

Everything carries a song; not everything sings it.

The universe sings; all our attempts are merely efforts to sing along.

Some sing themselves; others sing us all.

A song sings because it has a bird.

We sing sweet dreams at weddings and fond memories at funerals.

Our favorite songs tell us what we want to hear.

Melody colors words.

Songs rise out of sentience; they descends into sentiment.

We are birthed with a cry, we are laid to rest with a song.

A song comes from a heart.

A home’s is a refuge; a bed is a sanctuary.

A bed is a place to recover; a world is a place to live.

A bed is safe, but a world is an adventure.

An ocean is a bed then it’s a mountain.

We begin and end in a bed.

Life needs only a mattress, a meal, a mountain and a mate.

All standing is sustained by lying down.

Few lie in the bed they make; they lie in the bed someone else made.

To bed, to bed insomniac head.

Calamity makes sustained bedfellows.

Lives slow, die fast, leave a fully used corpse.

Mortality — it’s an ingenious solution for purposelessness, meanness, boredom, evil and everyday annoyances.

Immortality is created by memory — temporarily.

Immortality won’t bore us; it will encompass fascination within infinite complexity.

The longing for immortality is the longing for belonging.

Age is wasted on the old.

Live, give; mort abort.

Remember that you must die; do that so that you may fully live.

Beautician, mortician, detrition, transition.

Sovereignty isn’t the best policy.

A change in policy may blot out inequality.

The policies of the elite are the tank treads on top of the oppressed.

A policy is a leash: a law is a lash.

Policy is the pulverizing that protects.

Wisdom lies beyond policy.

The best policies value people.

A policy is a decision that makes a million other decisions — mindlessly.

The application of policy tests the tenacity of consistency.

Narratology is the proud mother of policy.

Comradely is the best policy.

Perform your values.

Achieve great things — being content.

Being is a form of doing.

We are born performing; we die at the end of the show.

We applaud performance; we memorialize being.

When we want an authentic experience we distain a superficial performance.

Your beliefs reside in your head; your values reside in your limbs.

All promises are best backed up by performances.

Do, rest, be, be, be.

Produce out of what flows from your heart not out of what demanded by your neediness.

To effect change in others, effect change in yourself.

Ruminate — then effectuate.

Treatment lacks in discretement.

To book a colonoscopy is brave; to actually go to one shows a stunning lack of self-regard.

Treatment — it is a salient reminder that we are not independent.

Sew up wounds — sooth minds.

Heroic medicine has two heroes — the practitioner, the victim.

The wise seek treatment; the very wise know when to stop.

A pill is a remedy that treats one symptom and causes another.

To go to a hospital is to surrender control; to not go is the same event.

Our minds decide what is therapeutic.

The over-examined life isn’t lived worthily.

To live fully, quit thinking overly.

Over-process; over-suffer.

Overthinking is a rollercoaster with a permanent loop and a never changing destination; you always get off where you got on.

Thinking about have fun is not having fun.

Eat, work and sleep as a rhythm — never worry that way.

To think of others is to escape yourself.

Laughter cures obsession.

Worry wastes; gratitude wonders.

It takes guts to shut up.

Guts will take you places brains can’t.

Follow your guts; drag your pain behind you.

Check your gut; use your brain.

You are your microbiome.

Audacity starts up the mountain; guts goes over top.

Pluck needs no luck.

Guts control arms and legs.

Spine will stand you in good stead.

Moxie has a limit — reality.

Brains can choose anything, even self-destruction, but guts choose life every time.

Grit and bear it; the grin is not required.

Grit your teeth if you must, grind on anyway.

Grind on; sans grit.

True as grit; false as grand.

Grit in the face of danger.

Grit is found in two places; in the dirt and in the person in the dirt.

Sandpaper your words; use a fine grit.

Eat sand; blast injustice.

The good life requires grit — and gratitude.

Poop is funny; more poop is funnier.

We aren’t as superior as we imagine; the ants had toilets before us.

Eat, poop, pray.

First we had dirt holes, then we had septic tanks; now we have congress.

The mouth is a fresh stream of clear water — or a sewer line.

We relieve one end in private, spew from the other in public.

Poop matters; so does it’s absence.

Talk poop to others if you want, but be prepared to have to change your clothes.

The chief reasons not to own a dog are hot, soft and steamy.

Life is a pile of poop, and a mountain of adventure and beauty.

Poop is the great human equalizer; even the beautiful and powerful squat and stink.

Suffer sickness silently; celebrate wellness loudly.

Love your broken body; honor your diseased self.

We are both our well and sick selves.

Devastated bodies have no answers — yet they persist.

A sick body is one path to a well soul.

Sickness draws our true friends to us.

Disease is strong; the human spirit stronger.

Pain is isolating; extreme pain obliterates the rest of the world.

Wait until it happens to you — then comes understanding.

Bodies — sick, harmed, dimorphic or aged — these are never shameful; they are simply what it means to be human.

Uninitiated pain is pain, gain is something quite else.

Listen before you leap.

All things talk; very few things listen.

Listen to words; act on body language.

Listening is not a art; it’s a choice.

The most important thing to listen for is what’s not said.

Listen to them with your eyes; watch them with your ears; touch them with your heart.

Be wise; listen to silence.

Listen to your body in every new moment and with every new movement.

Don’t let your listening stop your thinking.

Hang on words; swing on sentences; beware long speeches.

Quiet is hard, confrontation harder, quiet confrontations hardest.

The mind and heart must both collude to have a shot at quietude.

Never hold back on the affirmations of others.

To dodge a question is to throttle the truth; to answer honestly is to extend its life.

Our limited awareness is most eloquently evidenced by us sitting inactive and silent while billions of cries for help rise from the earth.

One may be blued, by too much quietude.

To completely isolate from other people is to put yourself in a coma with no one to wake you.

Balance: Hold calm in one hand; spread excitement with the other!

There may be sleep in pills but there is little rest.

The whole world could be healed of anxiety if it could be only be quietly held and hugged for long enough.

Avoid silence: speak up; add value.

There is no quieter place than the interior of a broken heart.