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To know how to respond resides in science, sentience and silence.

Silence — it’s a loud, noisy and cacophonous response.

To be heard, listen; to influence, be influenced.

The most powerful responses empower.

A response is a stimulus — arguments, fights, wars, love.

Even the elephants know that sometimes the only proper response is to grieve.

Love isn’t at its best as a response; it is at its best as a provenience, an antecedent and a previousness.

Injustice can only be corrected by justice.

If you don’t know how to respond, claim confusion; if that fails try humor.

People are prisms.

Thinking is a form of bioluminescence.

Leaves are the avatars of the sun.

Shadows — light’s children.

All ideas are planetary, lit from another source.

Jalousies limn light’s lean, long lines.

Hindsight needs memory’s light.

Books are batteries; they store light.

Each experience is light; it shines in our dreams at night.

Hope is the flashlight light we need in our thought-tents.

Restful is the dove’s roosting coo; calming is good counsel.

Lovely is the young mother at peace; gorgeous is the seasoned woman at rest.

Soothing is eye-to-eye; healing is heart-to-heart.

Iridescent is the hummingbird in the sun; dazzling is the truth in public.

Warm are the lines of light streaming through shutters; glorious are the classic paradoxes.

Wonderful is the pain-free moment; truthful is the suffering second.

Good is an old building restored; great is an old life repurposed.

Glistening is the tree frog; shimmering is the fashionista.

Beautiful are two young lovers, gorgeous two old ones.

Flickering the falling rain; refreshing a gentle night’s sleep.

Radiant is justice and fairness; refulgent is the alien welcomed into the family.

Amazing the new moon; luminescent the new vision.

Bright the smile of a stranger; glittering the essence of a new idea.

Beaming the divine, carried in a song; luminous the divine — unsummoned.

Familiarity may breed a small world of contempt, but fascination sires a whole universe of love.

Curiosity kills what’s flat.

What captivates motivates.

The chief charm of reason is that it lasts.

Fascination foments the hunt; boredom follows the find.

For the researcher, familiarity make the heart grow fonder.

Fascination makes the trivial monumental.

A demure allure veils the oblique obscure.

Reality is enchanted; fairy tales all feed off that.

Fascination is like baby toes; we are born with a nice supply.

Beguile awhile with a bee or a smile.

There’s no accounting for enthrallment.

Conserve, use, nothing abuse.

Safety — it’s expensive, but harm, it costs a leg and an arm.

Every nation wears a shoe the size of the earth.

Our personal security lies in genetic diversity.

Earth care is inextricably tied to poverty; we must see that everyone is properly fed, or quite literally, they will eat the earth.

Love your great grandchildren; leave them a healthy earth.

Cooperating zoos unite nations.

Regarding the stance we take toward our environment, then is now.

A chemical ranks below an animal.

Ecotour; redistribute wealth.

Survival, survival, it’s species’ revival.

Managed care best everywhere.

We sing a world chorus when planting a forest.

Business, environment, sister and brother, they always work best respecting each other.

Fledgling businesses are like fledgling birds — multiple crash landings while learning to fly.

All fledglings do some yelling.

Fly; crash, dredge, fledge.

Pledge to fledge; commit to fly.

A over-fledged system lowers resistance.

Done fledging, start giving.

Fledged oppression spawns aggression.

Fledged in a nest of protection, we leap onto an updraft of adventure.

All fledgling recovery is fueled by discovery.

To fully fledge is to become fully self-feeding.

The most important machine in the world is the one you need for your next job.

The greatness of a machine is the greatness of its inventors.

Machine ethics follow medical ethics: first do no harm.

Machines won’t destroy the world, but their creators might.

Machines now make the machines that make our machines.

We ruled clocks, then they ruled us

Wheels and wings improved on the legs and feet.

We have invented the machines that have invented us.

The next machine that will change the world is lurking in those already made.

The printing press created the modern world; the computer is recreating it.

Civilization wins when knives are relegated to chefs and artisans and bombs to museums.

Mechanical tyrannical.

To make a friend read a book.

Our wisest friends are our favorite writers.

Books conjure the dead and slay the living.

Read a book; travel the world.

Books — brain food.

A book has a hook, makes you look, perhaps cook.

If a book is an escape, it is an escape into a world that we wish was ours.

Leaders who don’t read neglect the world’s best advisors.

Bound books respect no borders.

A books becomes one of two things, a storehouse of knowledge or an artifact.

Babies are tough in all the right ways and tender in all the right places.

Be tough when receiving correction, tender when giving it.

Tender tenderness.

Tender has no gender.

To tender the most is to lose the least.

Tender hands belong to tender hearts.

There is a time for tender and a time for tough.

Tender the night — unless you’re prey.

Forgiveness is tenderness applied.

The poor in spirit are rich in tenderness.

Taste makes haste.

An offended ear leaves a bad taste.

Good taste wins the chef awards; bad taste wins the comedian laughs.

Good taste migrates.

Bad taste lays waste.

King and queens are famous for two things: popular taste, and war.

There’s is a clear accounting for taste, familiarity.

Four tastes win, sugar, salt, fat and sin.

Tasty is pastry, delectable the simple vegetable.

To comfort the mind, comfort the body.

To comfort the body, calm the mind.

Relief needs more than brief.

Hope is a hug, fulfilled it’s is a kiss.

Erase a nightmare with a daydream.

Pain is stupefying, relief regroupifying.

Tell the suffering they are brave; tell those who feel weak that you see strength in them.

Acute suffering is loneliness; acute love is connectedness.

Relief is a soft rain; alleviation is a lovely sunrise.

Exercise, not absence, makes the heart grow stronger.

Fly kites, sail boats, fly gliders, celebrate winds.

A new person in an old system is a fresh breeze.

A politician is a wind storm; afterwards you assess the damage.

A second wind yields a first place.

Winds are like humans — they come, they go, they stay, they blow.

Wet spring winds blow in the floral bling.

The winds of change always blow the same — constant.

Throw caution to the wind, but pack your parachute anyway.

A bag of wind is popped by an inattentive ear.

Love is a warm wind.

Woke is no joke.

Shut up will be heard.

Cancel culture refuses to be canceled.

Cancel culture, dove or vulture?

Hating hate works best when you love the hater.

Cancel culture is a double edged sword; it attacks with one edge and cuts its wielder with the other.

Cancel culture is like agriculture; one gathers in the weeds with the wheat.

One of the great failings of our species is that we memorialize our hate.

Cancel culture challenges sculpture.

Those who call out may be called in — and blessed.

Blowing out hate is like blowing out trick birthday candles; every puff seems to relight them.

Call out culture was invented by someone who was wrongfully shut in — or shut up.

Shelter others; cover them with non-judgment.

Love raises a shelter that houses a multitude.

Shelter your heart within your good choices.

Shelter is the safe place you come and go from.

Find a roof to duck under; pick one shingled with truth.

Every race deserves a table place.

Safety lies under a roof beam of acceptance.

The suffering of the old builds a shelter for the young.

Helter-skelter get some shelter.

Take shelter behind healthy boundaries.

The arm on the shoulder may bring the stab in the back.

Cheer often, like children.

The law is fear; grace is cheer.

We cheer those who risk their safety to ensure ours.

Cheer every lesson that comes from every failure.

Some jeer; some leer, some cheer.

Control yourself: Incessant cheeriness is almost as annoying as constant pessimism.

We know how to cheer our team; we have to be taught how to whoop for our neighbors.

Cheer every culture; honor every race; celebrate every social class.

Cheery beats dreary.

To live to tell the tale one must live a tale worth telling.

Old wives’ tales are usually true — especially when they concern old men.

Tall tales are usually short.

The monetary tale wags the political dog.

Tales have the distinction of reminding us that we want to be tall.

We tell a tale; we define humanity.

The one that got away creates more excitement than the one that didn’t.

The fairy tales are full of wonder and magic — and us.

A murder tells a tale; a detective reads it.

We become the tales we tell.

High hopes jump through low hoops.

Jump start your brain; let new ideas reign.

If you jump ship, make certain you can see land.

Ignore startles; put your energy into springs.

Stop excuses; flatten obstacles; jump roadblocks.

Hop over the moon, skip to the sun, jump past the stars.

When you jump off one bandwagon take care not to land on another.

Bip, bound, bounce, bop; leap the frog and spin the top.

Vault the halt.

Belly flops beat spits and stops.

When you fall down look around; when you pop back up, drag your new perspectives with you.

A competition is not required for a win.

A good choice contains its own reward; a poor choice contains its own sword.

To win go all in.

Finishing second is rocket fuel for those who live to finish first.

An early loss may become a late win.

We win when all have won.

To win some favor lose some bluster.

Love squeezes in its wins — before the race begins.

Compete — love, lose — eat.

Won and done may end the fun.

The win eventually goes in the bin, but love outlasts the trash.

The rat race wins the rat’s face.

Life isn’t a trophy; it’s a gift.

Hope is dope.

Hope has an eye on help.

Hope is a racing bike’s climbing gear.

For a rift and a cliff, hope is a rope.

Despair is a cyclops; hope is a chameleon.

Hope says nope — and yope.

The future tense was constructed out of hope.

Hope operates like the inner ear; it encodes information about equilibrium.

When life shrinks your perspectives, order hope; specify extra-large.

Hope is a product of God; it is manufactured within a place called sovereignty.

Hope has a secret service; it travels within a protective entourage.

Hope puts a hand on the past; it steadies itself with one on the future.

We fear what the thief in the night might take, but the highest earning thieves wear suits and work in broad daylight.

Republicans and Democrats are like the night — they both make it hard to see what’s really going on.

A one night stand always includes some lying down.

Nights aren’t silent — owls, foxes, coyotes, dying prey.

The night is like Hollywood; it gives us the stars.

All night long — especially in a song — usually isn’t.

The small hours of the night are never small to the insomniac.

Fly-by-night crashes in the light-of-day.

Ships that pass in the night always signal; so busy husbands and wives should always kiss.

In the dead of night much of the earth comes alive.