Toes count; they carry around brains.

There are no perfect bodies, only perfectly gentle responses them.

In Florence David has cracked; everywhere else, good men haven’t.

The Venus de Milo’s perfect stone is not even a close second to every real woman’s imperfect flesh.

Girls who are happy with their genes rule girls airbrushed for our screens.

Fuel, protect and mate select.

We eat our snacks at 9 and 3, the nurturer must nutured be.

My body is the most important boundary I must ask the world to honor.

My skin; my call.

It takes a harbor of kindness to repair a shipwreck of neglect.

Your body; your universe; your adventure.

The hatred of the body is the rejection of God.

The body begs for mercy; the treadmill has no ears.

Don’t sit and cry; move or die.

To worship the body is to dance with a May fly.

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