The wise glide silently upon low rivers, but fools celebrate on the top of Chomolangma.

To make a home for a cricket is to love the universe.

Out of water come dragonflies, out of danger opportunities.

China looks ahead looking back.

Every stamp adds to the collection, and every Chinese child enriches the planet.

The Great Wall is a silken thread in the fabric of China.

Chinese parents are the honor of their children and the children the honor of their parents.

As the carp swims so the Chinese child studies.

As the Black-necked crane eats the fly so one day the fly eats the blackened crane.

The water wheel turns so life glides forward.

The Gobi, the Karakoram and the Pacific are the loving arms of China.

To lose face is to discard ones soul.

The Chinese put on white, weep a river of tears, then build the house again.

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