Beware the crocodile that wears the smile.

Blessed are the treacherous for they shall inherit themselves.

Hatred makes a person a bomb.

Step on a head, it will blow off your leg.

Extremists apprehend innocence nowhere.

Treachery arises from a stinking psychic pit with no love in it.

Treachery is softly fungal, creeping through the psychic jungle.

An oppressed people will detonate.

There is one brokenness that extracts treacherousness from the soul, and another that injects it with a treasonous hatred.

In the soft coils of criticism slithers a fanged treachery, hissing in the soul, undulating through the mind and boring an oily and venomous tunnel into the heart.

Some idealisms make you sane, and some just venomize your brain.

The loyalties of our best friends are the sweet and soothing salves that heal us from the treacheries of our worst enemies.

The beginning of the understanding of treachery lies within.

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