Five receptors, five wow detectors.

“Wow!” was the first prayer.

Our best woof is, “Wow, wow, wow!”

At birth astonished, at puberty thrilled, in middle years astounded, in old age amazed, and at death’s dreamy door — totally knocked over and plowed under with wonder.

The fiery lava below, the flaming sun above, and life between well-warmed and wowed with love.

All wow and bow within the spectacular now.

First smile, word, step, grade — from sets of firsts unfolding life is made.

The little girl riding in the wheelbarrow is the gardener’s greatest triumph.

Life is now and how and often wow!

The bomber’s shock and awe descends into death’s maw; and all that’s done to cow another brow is never wow.

To wow takes an ow.

Wowism finds in every fray, a tattered and triumphant yea.

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