He shakes and spears his play’s veneers.

Shakespeare is an eloquence that makes our ears less ignorant.

Soliloquy by any other Shakespeare smells not as sweet.

The bard was brilliant lines, two hours upon the stage, and then — enshrined!

It is the vaulting literary prize to look into the soul though Shakespeare’s eyes.

Some are born great; some scriven, scrawl and stage their way to there.

If Shakespeare be the lute, play on.

Sweet are the uses of the bard, which like the finest confectionery — sugared and candied — hold yet the savouriest flavors deep within.

Legacy achieves supremacy when dressed in finest poetry.

When the English language ran short, Shakespeare added to it from his own verbal length.

O! for a muse of spears, to shake the brightest minds and dullest ears.

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