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Be ambitious, for quietness.

Lots of ego needs a credo.

Type A; get out of the way.

Sled, kick, mush, crack — to relax.

Heroes don’t have to be super.

Ambition is a city, contentment a quiet pond.

Ambition isn’t vision, nor is derision.

The cure for ambition is contentment.

If they make you a Caesar, later they’ll regret it.

Ambition has a rocket; purpose has a destination.

We are of great value; ambition does not increase that.

Small things; huge benefits.

Choose your friends; your enemies will choose you.

Close friends survive distant moves.

More friends; more solutions.

Friends last for a season; this is for a single reason.

Keep your friends close; keep your wife closer.

Friends may hiss, enemies kiss.

Friendliness is next to godliness.

Best friends call when there is no one at all.

We make friends, but we carefully craft enemies.

Don’t fail to show hospitality, by this some have entertained demons unawares.

The best me is us.

Plurality is humanity’s go-to modality.

Everything neural, rural and cure-all is plural.

We love therefore we are.

Survival is crucial, the means for it mutual.

Plurality is the pathway to oneness.

No one thrives alone.

Mutuality is the essence of sanity.

Everyone is single; no one is.

Every step forward is communal; every accomplishment is plural.

Love is a plurality; hate is a commonality.

President, elegant — humanity’s top resident.

Officialdom shatters; character matters.

A braggart, a basher and a bully is the boss of everyone but one.

A president is a person, pretending to be a personage.

We elect our desires; we impeach our impulses.

Public opinion elects presidents, and public perception relieves them of power.

The Presidency is a weakness paraded as a strength.

Presidents may fly by means of platitudes, but they land by means of policies.

A presidency is a high on the way to becoming a low.

Popularity paces all our popes and parses all our presidents.

A president is a plurality masquerading as a singularity.

The grand stage; the caparisoned horse.

Research is the better part of buying.

To buy is to get high; to sell is to get sober.

Buy slow; sell slower.

We buy and sigh and wonder why.

Buying is a privilege; selling is a relief.

Fall in love with what you can afford.

Buy what you can afford; afford what you can maintain.

To buy or not to buy — this is the obsession.

Buy adagio; sell allegro.

To never buy is to waste your money.

The first act of stupidity was the first over-application of the first rule.

A undersized office, an overbearing official.

Weak excuses are the bumbledom of weak leadership.

Pomposity always takes its precarious stand on top of a tiny achievement.

An officiality is a bumble; a technicality is a rumble.

Big egos inflate wee issues.

Bureaucratic arrogance diminishes intelligence.

Dignity is the fine coat we wear over the top of our discreet lowlinesses.

Fine form is nothing; a humble heart is everything.

Bumbledom, dumbletum; Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

A rented tux — one night of luxe.

Luxury is styley, seductive and beguiley.

Luxury’s new scene is green.

We entertain the greatest luxury when we feed the starving.

Spend on a luxury: pay to cure a disease.

The other side of luxury is laundry.

Beyond the castled dell is someone’s grimy hell.

Luxury always exists at someone’s expense.

Lavish is slavish.

Luxury’s long pampering eventually is dampering.

A Venetian lace chasuble can’t cover up irascible.

Luxury is a brand, extravagance is a label, and love is a longing.

Luxury isn’t the expensive watch; it’s the rich, opulent, extravagance of time.

Anticipation is the better part of pleasure.

Most men lead lives of quiet anticipation.

Promise pilfers the present.

Some forecast the weather; others create it.

Dream of plenty; save your money.

Boredom arises out of the failure of anticipation.

Slow down — enjoy; completely stop — thrill.
Imagining is wishing; anticipating is fishing.

Anticipate your fate; choose your destiny.

Contentment is the anticipation of the present.

Vision stomps it.

Motivation is crack.

Love floors it.

Avoid bored, accelerate forward.

Abate fate, accelerate.

E-’s pell mell bests C4-C12.

Whirr, glide, whiz, ping — electric is the bim, bam, bing.

A steady gait is seldom late.

Don’t stagnate; exhilarate!

We propel like hell to our own death nell.

Drive; stay alive.

The unexcited are uninvited.

To tell is hell.

Tell — then take cover.

To get well — tell.

A lie ends with a period; a comma follows honesty.

Secrets perpetuate sicknesses.

Tell or lie; live or die.

We don’t know what we won’t say.

Lie slowly; tell pell mell.

To tell is embarrassing, but to lie is devastating.

Fill the hall; tell it all.

What we don’t tell behavior will.

The hunt drives the world.

The treasure in you is greater than the treasure that is in the world.

Pan gold — start inside.

Neighbors are treasure; love is the map.

Seek and you will reap.

Thoughts are loot, concepts a hoot.

All thieves maintain laws against stealing from themselves.

Treasure is trauma.

Become a pirate; board your own ship; demand booty.

Free climb light; pack insight.

Plunder all awareness with all kindness.

Drink deeply from every well they throw you into.

Rough times make tough lines.

Be tough, defer, shut up.

Tough needs no rough.

The tough free climb to beauty and remain after the glory has faded.

Resilient is emotionally brilliant.

Humble compliments tough.

Gruff is protection; rough is defection.

Spit, don’t quit.

Tough is not enough.

Hunt and pick what you wear; go about with verve and flair.

When in doubt — wear something.

Vanity prevents nudity.

Dress in $10’s; think in $100’s.

You will never have enough of what you don’t really want.

Très chic — soul’s boutique.

Envy’s passion is in fashion.

The under-arrayed hate the over-displayed.

Be smartin in Tartan.

Shop to shop hang out dead-drop.

Details make the man; minutia makes the woman.

Fashion fast, compassion dashed.

Excuses are ruses.

Completely excuse your neighbor; occasionally pardon yourself.

“They did the best they could” is highly useful to those with a firm commitment to complete denial.

Regret nothing; what has happened has made you the way you aren’t.

Live with your regretatives; die with your appreciatives.

It is said that there is a purpose behind everything; it sucks when that purpose is selfishness.

Tough is facing reality; hardcore is taking responsibility for it.

Excusal is refusal.

Hug-pat every choice; smack-kiss every inner voice.

Own what’s blown; hone what’s completely thrown.

We excuse in ourselves the very same fault we condemn in our neighbor.

Time sprints; pain runs after it.

Think you’re done; you’re just at one.

They may break off your arms, but they can’t take your wings.

A limp need not stop a walk.

Humor heals horror.

Broken begets open.

Past shock survives beauty.

Good times wake you, bad times take you, choices make you.

Hobble me, I’ll step over you; lame me, I’ll jump you.

A limp need not stop a walk.

Some of the most beautiful things in the world are some the most damaged things in the world.

Cancer is the club you don’t want to join; it contains the people you do want to meet.

Some things are best dealt with by looking away.

Distraction is pure love; redirection is total adoration.

Treat all anxiety using all distraction.

You may easily distract crying children, but you’ll need to hug, pat and hold sobbing adults.

Interrupt crying; do it by laughing.

Denial is a remedy; distraction is a curative.

Look away from what you can’t like to what you can love.

To stay sane reframe all fame as a non-gain.

Control your destiny; sleep late, lunch long, avoid strenuous movement.

Time is subservient to doodling; the calendar is subject to lollygagging and fiddling.

At sea, behold; in port, be bold.

Responsible is gutsy; wanabe is clutsy.

Grow bold; make the next move.

Bold pauses then charges.

Closed is cold, authentic sassy bold.

Faux bold will fold.

Eat wealth, drink power; metabolize an iron-fisted meekness.

Bold gets old, but a quiet, steady ambling — it’s electrifying!

Bold isn’t rushing into action, it is inspiring someone else to do so.

Crave, engage; rave, be brave.

Dauntless will be wantless.

End starvation, abolish war, stop racism, abandon sexism — then go home and take out the trash.

Some streets are safer than some homes.

To live nowhere is to live everywhere.

A street is a palace; a road is a mansion; a field is a home.

Home sweet tome.

A shopping cart is a moving van to a homeless man.

First we lose our minds, then we lose our homes.

Roofs heal illness; families heal hurt.

A home isn’t a house; it’s a mindset.

There’s no place like bed.

The first appearance of homelessness is in the geological record.

To sap off others, to answer to no one, to look out only for oneself is selfishness; it can masquerade as homelessness.

The solution to homelessness isn’t blame; it’s homes.

To transform deform the norm.

There are few transformations, a million highs and lows.

Difficulty is transformational; acceptance makes it doubly so.

We transform one chip, crack and collapse at a time.

Rules decline; choices refine.

We change one choice at a chance.

Transformations need donations.

Approve variances; fund mid-course corrections, die for transformations.

To transform another transform yourself.

Mourn, then transform.

To age well die young.

Age gracefully; stay home mostly.

Age publicly; ache silently.

Don’t get old; get venerable.

Aging is not for sissies; it’s for bellyachers, complainers, grumblers and moaners.

Aging compulsory; engaging elective.

Old isn’t cute; it can be a hoot.

A small village can raise a child, but it takes a major city to care for a senior.

Senility is the crisis, midlife just a virus.