We all pre-position ourselves; the question is before what object?

Hop on small prepositions; travel great time and space.

“In” has clout; “out” has the doubt.

Model yourself after prepositions — refuse to go it alone.

As the simplest preposition puzzles the foreigner, so the simplest moral choice puzzles the politician.

Head the phrase, rule the phase.

“Of” rules the self, “from” rules the crowd , “in” rules the universe.

“In” or “out” is rout or pout.

We speed andlang the lingo-path of yesterday.

Spatio-a-temporal is verbio-la-visceral.

The preposition which once was low is known now to control the show.

The French once gave us new prepositions; to thank them we gave them McDonalds.

We each best play the part of speech we are.

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