Oscar Wilde created drolleries and quipperies wherever he went; thankfully he left them with us when he went.

The happiness of every aspiring lover is determined by who they choose not to date.

Awkwardness is the beginning of love, humiliation follows shortly, after that love becomes terrifyingly comfortable.

We should always be laughing; that is the reason we should always be married.

We should always be smitten with someone which is why we should always spend time with small children.

Nothing can make one prefer a life of sin more than the example of the self-righteous.

No woman should forget anything; a good memory in a woman is the beginning of her power.

There is no temptation greater than the temptation to pretend we cannot resist temptation.

Love believes others will change; this is its chief defect.

A moment of honor can make an older woman feel nineteen again; thirty seconds of disrespect can make her feel one hundred.

There is no excess like success.

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