Smacko, whacko little heart, I wonder why you fall apart.

Jill be nimble, slick, sick, snick; Jill flipped over the social stick.

A hubby, a wifey, some kissy some strifey.

Modern Miss Muffet pulls the strings of the puppet.

One, two, familial goo; three, four, clean up the gore.

Old mother bubby gobbled her hubby, babies aflubby, some stubby, some tubby.

Primo-mojo-hero-Nero climbed the family’s spout; up went his ego and knocked his brothers out.

Baa, baa, black sheep, have you lost some soul; yes sir, yes ma’am, three rejections full.

Humpty’s mumpty bobbled a ball, married a alchy, had a bad fall.

Lady bug, lady bug fly away work; it’s money or honey or stuck with a jerk.

Jack Flat will eat no fat; his wife eats green and lean; he will live 100 years unless he makes a scene.

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