Religions ruin with rifles.

The well will be most shocked in hell.

Religion can be a pain in the apse.

Abecedarians are seldom contrarians.

The rupture of the saints — it has already occurred.

The great cathedrals may collapse under their own weight, so too the faithful may fall by too much religion.

Those who think the great religions are all alike show how very little they know about the great religions.

Those who say the great religions of the world have nothing in common, show how biased they are in favor of their own limited brand of spirituality.

When a spiritual group becomes a club, it’s just a holy ruba-dub-dub.

Many great religious leaders can’t seem to stand succeeding at being unselfish.

Religions traffic in truth as if it were medicine: Take two propositions and go to bed.

Religious conflict is normal; fear makes it dangerous.

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