Science wants to understand — and be paid.

Science is a competition staged for male egotism.

Iron may sharpen iron, but peer reviews hold science’s nose to truth’s grindstone.

A child peers into a flower; an astronomer peers into a telescope.
Science is the insane tinkering we use to become sane.
Science sails blinkered over the shaking earth and into the pyroclastic fires.

Stabilists become mobilists after the earth moves out from under them.

Science is the history of corrected corrections.

Bacteria, plants, insects, fruits, herbivores and carnivores — the earth is expert at recovery.

The real business of the earth is carried out below, so the psyche rides on the hot lava of emotion.

The most precise scientific inch is yet the master chef’s rough pinch.

Science without ethics is like a war without uniforms; bystanders are going to get blown away.

A flea can jump 130 times its height, but a human can think of itself 130 times better than it is.

Anchors love harbors, science new waters.

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