Posted: April 25, 2011 in babies
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You can always identify the newborn; she is the youngest person in the room in charge.

Kissing is self-sustaining; it leads to babies, which leads to more kissing.

The sweet top of a baby’s head is compensation for the other end.

With each new baby the world begins again; without the next baby, the world ends.

The eye lashes of a baby are proof of someone’s fine motor skills.

“Like a baby” is only good if we grow out of it.

Learning how to hold a baby is learning how to hold its head up; learning how to be a grownup is learning how to hold your own head up.

His father read him The Economist and his mother played him Bach before he was born. Thus began his education, not so much in economics or music, but in love.

The glory of the child is the parent, the glory of the parent is the child, the glory of the grandparent is the grandchild, and the glory of the grandchild is the grandparent; the glory of the family is the family.

You can be a sixty year old baby if your eighty year old mother is still alive.

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