When you fall off the wagon somebody else gets run over.

Addicts must get very low to get to very high.

“He can hold his liquor” is a leaky proposition.

One glass sharpens what the whole bottle dulls.

Bottoms up is bottoms down and out.

Addiction thrives on a pack of lies.

Addiction — the bottom is the beginning of the top.

We know we are addicted when we start and can’t stop.

Love overcomes addiction.

The difference between a medicine and an illegal drug is that one builds up what the other demolishes.

One person can savor a beer and be satisfied; another downs one bottle and is drunk for 35 years.

The wise get high on wives, children and grandchildren; fools get high on wine and lose them.

A drunk teen and a drunk fifty year old have something in common –  a penchant for the pathetic.

Getting high alone is a euphoric low.

Sobriety for the addict is a non-stop brawl with the devil.

Friends are the best way to self-medicate without hangovers.

Drugs and alcohol — a false fix for the socially impaired.

We drink in excess because we are suffering a regress.

The best high is a straight shot of life.

What might make you the life of the party may in due time make you a dead-end street.

Drinking is a freedom best locked up when we are with those who can’t stop.

P. J. O’Rourke has quipped that “Drugs have taught an entire generation of Americans the metric system.” He failed to add that only a short time later they couldn’t remember it.

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