Justice goes blushing when I do nothing.

When evil is what you do, then I have the moral flu.

To find sin, look within.

Evil’s kill and grill and fill has now become traditional.

Beware the well-reasoned necessity.

No integrity; no eyes that see.

Evil suffocates conscience with a pillow of desire.

Beware the leader’s stew, brewed up just for you.

A most pernicious goo is pride, excused in you.

The sneer, the back-stab and the barb — evil is alive and licking hard.

Evil exists at the crux, of indifference — and a tux.

Hate leaks from brains that store it.

We have perfected the art of unoriginal sin; we sin in exactly the same, boring, uninspired way as all previous generations.

It is modern wisdom to think the devil a myth; modern foolishness to not see him in ourselves.

Evil is the absence of love.

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