People — cat matresses.

Dogs fetch, cats watch.

Cats — a man’s best neglectful friend.

Chat noir; haute couture.

Free food, free  housing, no chores and a litter box you don’t clean — we keep cats around to remind us of what the good life looks like.

Cat remind us that life is soft, warm and contains the possibility of a purr.

Cats are high-born — our royal fur-ness.

The wisest cat and the smartest mouse have abandoned the jungle to live in the house.

We love in cats what we love in ourselves —  independence, superiority and somnolence.

The similarity between cats and humans is that both are born blind; the difference is that cats fairly quickly gain their sight.

Cats are animals of our kind; they love a floor, a food, a find.

We pet our cats to sooth ourselves.

A string, a paper shopping bag and a cat  — affordable family entertainment.

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