Posted: April 29, 2011 in astronomy
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40,000 tons of space dust falls each year on the earth; what else aren’t we noticing?

Another night, another billion candles in the sky.

The Perseids; summer rain.

God has placed his cosmic treats within our eventual reach.

The universe began with a bang; it may cease with a “Dang!”

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the subatomic particles proclaim the work of his hand.

Looking in inspires; looking out sets us on fire.

The universe is orderly when approached most cordially.

The space flight we take today, tomorow is our opus dei.

Too much looking down, the wonders of the sky all drown.

Mirrors, lenses and mounts — let the seers of the sky pronounce.

The universe gently holds our life; someone measured it precise.

The farther the galaxies are from us, the faster they fly from us; so also, the further we are from each other emotionally, the faster we fly from each other relationally.

Those who fall in love with themselves fall in love with something small and only know the emptiness of impersonal space; those who fall in love with the universe skip happily into their father’s backyard to play among the stars.


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