Posted: May 8, 2011 in seeing
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Doubt carries a microscope; faith packs a telescope.

Only love sees what hides from hate.

The wise know they are blind and see; fools are sure they see and are blind.

As the astronomer scans the sky for galaxies, so the wise scan their experience for insights.

We visit art galleries to teach us how to see reality.

The natural scene informs the screen.

Look longer into people’s eys; pry shorter into their lives.

Where one sees an atom another sees a universe.

White light contains all the colors, wise judgment all the facts.

Most people see the future through the past; visionaries see pure future.

As the cat misjudges the leap so the student overestimates her ability.

The foolish watch a bad man die and rejoice; the wise see him die and grieve.

Patriotism sees only one country; wisdom sees many countries that can live as one.

Modern world leaders don’t know how to sit down and talk, only how to rise up and fire.


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