Emily CarrDating is fun; marrying funner; staying married funniest of all.

Lipstick’s stain lies mainly on the brain.

Fools trade lovers; the wise invest and hold.

Broken hearts mend the music industry.

What love’s labor loses, labors love to regain.

Kiss a girl; kiss the world; miss the kiss, regret the Ms.

To fall in love is to love to fall.

The last word on love is that it lasts.

Romance is awkward; love is more so.

Love isn’t brief, needs no relief.

Love springs endlessly from love.

Romantic love is hands-on love — a hand on the arm while crossing the street, a hand in a hand while sitting on the couch, a  hand in the hair while lying in bed and a hand on the cheek when crossing into the next life.



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