What we don’t get makes us who we need to be.

Wealth is our world’s way to health.

Those who romaticize poverty haven’t experienced it.

You can measure the wealth of a person by the number of children and animals who sleep near them each night.

Getting when we should have been giving is like taking a great photographic shot and finding we have included our own shadow.

Raise children so they know serving is getting.

The good life satifies need — not greed.

Carry something rich inside, for others, an interior cry.

Poverty is the overwhelming presence of absence.

Opportunity goes missing when compassion goes fishing.

To live justly, beg for the opportunity to come face-to-face with horrific need.

Death’s door will open to family, not money.

Having everything and being nothing is a recipe for self-loathing.

Good is giving, not getting.

Too much wealth is like a fast freight train going by too close — it leaves us all rattled.

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