To antithesis is human, to simile divine, to metaphor angelic, metonymy a shrine.

Amplification is a confectionery  — rhetorical ice cream, sematic cherry.

Under Queen Synecdoche humans are derrièrecdoche. 

Conjure a seduction tonic; fashion it hyperbatonic.

Analogy is the little mouse who rules the mighty lion’s house.

Utter the fancy dancy, fancy prancy epizeuxistic stutter — it’s schmancy.

Aposiopesis leaves it to the imagination to …

Slam, bam, pow, pop, fizz — onomatopoeia is show biz.

Litotes is the word assassin who understabs his hapless victim.

Smitten written chiastically, chiastically written smittenly.

She calmly talked him off the ledge — epistrophe, epistrophe, epistrophe — from the edge.

Zeugma flirts, prozeugma courts, diazeugma chorts, hypozeugma warts — then all mort, bort and cavort out the modern quartzy doortz.

To anaphora, or not to anaphora —  that is the anaphora.

Ton-like lies the noun that wears the hyperbolic crown.

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