Young leaders need only wait; time eventually assassinates all the old ones.

Every organization has the same problem — what to do with all the bodies.

Organizations come and go; the good they do comes and stays.

Success has archives, failure only bad memories.

Within organizations, language is reality.

Clothes may make the man, but impoverished children and women make the clothes.

The primary function of organizations is to make people wait.

Policy and protocol are the favorite sons of old organizations.

An organization’s culture isn’t a slogan; its a behavior.

Organizations and planets have this in common; they tend to turn on their founders.

An organization is a concept becoming a reality.

Business’s magic trick is to make big what it keeps small.

Two things an organization hates: an unfinished start.

Three things we hate, even one we deplore: the big boss who won’t stop working, the big cheese who won’t share the power, and the big dog who gobbles all the goodies.

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