An x-ray of the U.S. Congress would reveal a compound fracture.

Before you shoot someone, x-ray them; you may not need to.

A cavity hates an x-ray like an addict hates the truth.

A good proverb is like a good x-ray, easy to read, harder to heed.

Seeing is before being.

Discernment is the mind’s x-ray machine.

As an x-ray opens a window on the body, so compassion opens a shutter on the soul.

When Röntgen saw the bones in his own hand, all the skeletons of the earth rose up to dance.

X-rays are best possessed by super-duper consciousness.

The x-ray is the friend of the lung; insight is the friend of the psyche.

Nobel prizes radiate from the discovery of noble rays.

Teeth love x-rays; souls love insights.

The wise gain x-ray vision through experience.

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