A parent is a pattern that children are good at interrupting.

Fads always wear plaids and goofy do-dads.

We live too redundantly and die too resignedly.

Love drapes us in overlapping circles of care, but hate lashes the world with brutality.

Social patterns death march the mass of humanity to a common grave.

The Romans made life from mosaic, but broken pieces aren’t prosaic.

Grass is God’s beautiful stutter.

Evil is a mindless copycat, but love finds new ways to heal the world.

It’s one thing after another with your father and your mother.

Act, eat, rest, play — the rhythms of the every day.

A marriage is a kiss followed by the hiss of bliss.

When heart and soul and mind align, then world take note this is sublime.

If your road is blocked with a pattern old, run over it with a pattern bold.


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