Love untold is fool’s gold.

Souls are geodes; broken beautiful.

As soft as gold does love unfold.

Life stratifies, leaders uplift.

Sea snails sit on the peaks of the Himalayas, the low may yet be lifted up.

Pressure forges diamonds; struggle anvils psyches.

The ancient wasp is preserved in amber, the long departed in story.

As the ocean turns the hot lava solid, so struggle turns doubt to certainty.

Wise parents throw no stony judgments at the glass houses of their children.

Lies are the basalt of the soul.

Stones can crack our homes and words can rip them to pieces.

False promises are the stone soup of loving relationships.

The wise leave no stony emotion unturned.

Metamorphic rock is formed by heat and preasure, an emotional bond by honesty and conlict.


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