P1030716I take out the trash with great aplomb; I’m confident I will return.

To guarantee a good ego, go with the flow, keep aiming low.

Success eats from the nearest refrigerator; failure starves to death at home.

Success attempts what jealousy resents.

Failure runs; success walks; contentment takes a leisurely stroll.

Success is not a public award; accomplishment earns a quieter accord.

The greatest success is to be unchanged by success.

Success is stress, failure more so.

Eighty per cent of success is knowing when not to show up.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try then punt.

The successful edit and credit.

No one fails like the successful.

The highest form of success is making others succesful.

When success isn’t found in massacring those who are different from us, then the world will have finally moved away from barbarism.


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