Passive aggressive sends the wrong message.

The first angry fool is yourself; the second is your first angry henchman.

Smooth water may hide a powerful undercurrent, so a calm face may conceal a rip tide of resentment.

The most complimentary become the most treacherous when they become the most overlooked.

Humor percolates out of confidence; dour is the stench that arises from grievance.

Storing up a criticism is like notching an arrow, pulling it back and aiming it at someone’s chest; it will find its way to the mark.

He who broods silently over slights and then explodes suddenly with judgments is like a man throwing hand grenades through open windows at night.

The passively furious smile, fawn, compliment and affirm — until they blow.

The employee who becomes furniture may eventually turn into fire wood and burn the business down.

The passively aggressive wow and strut; the aggressively passive bow and duck.

An obstructionist wears out the toes of a perfectly good pair of dress shoes dragging them along behind the organization.

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