P1020912Kind to need is kind in deed.

Kindness is no judgment — and complete discernment.

The true course of love always has run kind.

Kindness carries a gentle tongue; meaness packs an automatic loud mouth — and an extra clip.

Every kind voice is a round stone polished by a roiling stream.

It’s a grind to be nice to the kind, but it’s easy to be hard on the sleazy.

It is easy to be kind to an offender, unti it’s your own.

A kind voice may cloak a cruel heart.

I can only be as kind to you as I am to me.

I have no tackle, gear nor rope by which to hoist my ragged soul above your gapping need, but I can stand beside you and hold your empty hand in a kind grip.

Cruel can be wicked fun, and cowardly will duck  and run.

Kindness can calm the raging sea, in thee and me.


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