All submit but none admit — to jealousy.

Jealousy wears the smile that cloaks the wile.

Jealousy makes good TV — and bad reality.

Cure your own jealousy; succeed.

Three and tea make jealousy, but two will do if three are few.

Jealousy is the poison seed which germinates in the dank corners of our saddest losses.

Jealousy clings to what envy snatches away.

Jealousy wears a sweet smile over a hidden frown.

In enough is ecstasy, in not enough, sad jealousy.

Preference is the mother of rivalry.

Success is the race horse bearing the overweight jockey of jealousy, ever flagellated forward with the unrelenting whip of mad dissatisfaction and desire.

Jealousy is the honored guest in every star-studded room; the evicted tenant of every humble heart.

What has been trellised may be toppled by the sharp ax of a jealous mind.

Jealousy is that one ugly piece of clothing we just can’t bring ourselves to throw away.

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