Despair not; every person miraculously healed of one thing will expire by another.

Death is the miracle by which a bit of dust is made out of a bit of whine.

The miracle no one can perform is to remain unchanged.

It is reasonable to expect what is impossible.

The supernatural has a twin sister — the natural.

What’s lost is sad; what is gained in loss is a miracle.

I believe in the resurrection; everyday I resurrect from the bed.

Nothing sees miracles like misery.

Vision is the miraculous elixir that heals boredom.

Every athletic leap into the record books is a miracle of the will; every one-crutched, cane-assisted, wheel-chaired venture out of the house is a miracle of courage.

Birth and death are cut from the same magic fabric, dress us in the same supernatural transformation and strut their soft, fleshy and fantastic stuff on the same glitzy runway extending infinitely in both directions.

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