There is a small yes in the bottom, corner drawer of every no.

Play your highest yes; it always trumps your lowest no.

When life says no, we most need yes.

Most men see only no in other men; men of wisdom see the yes within men everywhere.

Your friend will tell you yes; your best friend no; your wife, “Hell no!”

“Yes” is a superfood: eat up and go back for more.

The best teachers in the world carry stick-on gold stars and pack a high-powered yes.

The first yes is found inside you, sitting alone, waiting, in the dark.

The yes within the yes of the very yes is your best inner guest.

The divine yea is not found in a list of nays.

A yea a day keeps the shrink away.

Great souls fly the furious flag of Yes.

No separates; yes unites.

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