Facebook was born among books and raised among faces.

A Facebook a day keeps anonymity at bay.

Never share on Facebook what you don’t want your grandmother to know.

Every face is a book.

A hotel doesn’t wear it’s guest’s clothes neither should a host own its guest’s posts.

On Facebook don’t brag, rag or nag; just wag and tag.

Technology will never replace the need for an apology.

Bots fill in the dots, but sales pay the bills.

A “like” is not a life.

Facebook comments are like bacteria; they thrive on rich content.

Facebook saved us from anonymity, then made us all a like.

FarmVille is like a dirty, little secret; it’s best kept to ones self.

Every life is a face, a post and a book.

Modern life is seven hundred friends on Facebook and no one over to dinner.

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