The way to safety runs over the edge of the next cliff.

I can only show you precisely where to go if I come along.

To find our way to good rest is harder than finding our way to good work.

Dung beetles successfully follow the Milky Way; humans follow stars and go astray.

Emotional night comes before day and illuminates it.

Navigating you, good; me, better; us — best of all.

Modern life is go, go, go with GPS to turn us through the flow.

Do I say what to do, or do you, or do we both just sit awhile and chew?

As a lizards run on walls so thoughts run on words.

Limbo with letters, waltz with words, sashay with sentences, polka with paragraphs, cha cha with chapters, bolero with books and swing dance with the authors through the bars.

Creativity is the traveling companion we dance, paint, write and sing with.

The map to the future lies in the past.

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