Gush if you must — then hush.

Too long makes the speech wrong.

Verbosity is a riot against quiet.

Those exporting verbal ware should sail the zephyr’s side of care.

Quiesce and effervesce, celebrate both rest and zest.

Maudlin may play a sappy violin, but heartless silence saws a sick dirge deep within.

The wise verbose toast the most articulate cosmos.

Prattle, prattle, rock and rattle; tattle, tattle — it’s a custody battle.

Hoarse, hoarse, remorse, remorse; of course, of course it’s a screamin’ divorce!

Prolix, bollix.

The crushed gush their secrets; the wise absorb them in layers of quietness.

The orator speaks softly and ears open; windbags yell and deafen the whole world.

Colloquy keeps shooting soliloquy, but Shakespeare keeps raising her from the dead!

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