Science is the well-planned test we use to prove the theory best.

Science is a competition, played by those with erudition, hungry for some recognition.

The most precisely measured inch is still the master chef’s rough pinch.

Science without ethics is like a war without sides.

Anchored minds prefer safe harbors; scientific minds crave wild waters.

Science bends to flay and weigh to the end of gaining pay.

Iron may sharpen iron, but peer reviews hold science’s truth to the grindstone.

The telescope is our last hope, unless we evoke the microscope.

Science is no manored squire; it ventures pyroclastic fire.

Empiricism trumps solipsism by a number equal to the population of earth.

Stabilists always become mobilists after the earth moves out from under them.

Earth is moved by deep commotion; the psyche’s lava is emotion.

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