Exits begin above the chin.

Exit signs show up in whines.

The thrilling climb beats the couch behind.

Upon abandoning our pots, we find food on the ground.

Exit every failure accelerating.

Comforts anesthetize; dangers resuscitize.

Bigger bravely farewells smaller.

Speedboat away from the harmful; drain the ocean behind you.

When ethnicity grows up, she sneaks out of the house to party with humanity.

The worst thing about going back is what you will miss by not going forward.

Defamation is trepanation; by it we escape enskullment.

To leave is to arrive.

Every slave is a reluctant Moses.

It takes a tearful leave-taking for an individual to become a colony, a tumultuous departure for a colony to become a nation and a grand and epic exodus for a nation to become a loving world.

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