To err is human, to forgive, humane.

Forgiviology requries no apology.

Hammer, be hammered; forgive, relive.

What is offended in an instant may take a life time to forgive.

To forgive is not to forget, but to remember without  punishing.

Forgive; set two people free.

When we see that we have done the very thing we condemn, we begin to be able to forgive.

To refuse to forgive is to begin to harm oneself.

An unintended offense may be intentionally forgiven.

Those who suffer the radiation of resentment, must smear on the sunscreen of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not an emotion; it is a choice that heals an emotion.

To be deeply hurt is to begin to understand what it means to forgive.

We can forgive something in another when we have accepted it in ourselves.

To begin to forgive yourself is to begin to forgive the world.

Don’t count on going to heaven if you are still judging the hell out of everyone else.

  1. Rachel says:

    One of the benefits from having been deeply hurt is that one begins to understand what it really means to forgive.

    Very very true. The otherside of hurt has freedom but it sure feels like hell in that valley of hurt and anger. These are by far my favorite so far of what I’ve read. Thank you for these.

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