Couples must stay together to have any chance of driving the children away.

Stay married; the food gets better.

A long marriage is like a long war; both end with a tired peace.

We fix the house but not the spouse.

Marriage has a certain sacred advantage — the tax deduction.

The “open sesame” of marriage is “I’m sorry.”

A marriage is a deep, lasting, meaningful merging of dreams — and viruses.

Falling in love is emotional; falling back in love is intentional.

Long marriages includes wise silences.

Walking is our first chance to escape from our mothers; marriage is discovering we never will.

Marriage is to have and to hold; divorce is to halve and to fold.

We chiefly miss the most important criteria for picking a spouse — the thermal factor.

The secret to having  a good marriage is to make ‘em laugh.

If woman came from man’s rib then her battle is to not go back.

Marital infidelity is like shooting the person you were assigned to guard while they are asleep.

Divorce happens in the heart before it happens in the court.

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