A headache at a party is better than a heartache at home.

A kiss a day keeps Kaiser away.

New ailments are enemies, old ones friends.

The thrill in being really sick is getting amazingly well.

Our bodies are cities; what happens in one neighborhood spreads to another.

A person who is sick is not a sick person.

Fools feel only their pain; the wise see pain’s worldwide refrain.

Green food; preventative medicine.

Illness is a stop sign, health a green light.

Illness isolates; healing repatriates.

We are mechanical; slowing results in towing.

A long illness offers a quick PhD in compassion.

The newly aged talk about being really old; the really aged talk about still feeling young.

“You won’t always feel this way” is hope to the depressed.

When faced with the worst, think of the best.

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