The good life is a grandparent, a grandchild and a zoo.

Zoos remind children that they are small, curious and delicious.

The lamb lies with the lion too, when both are living at the zoo.

The zoo is glue, for mothers needing social roux.

If you can’t afford the zoo, watch congress on TV.

Go to the zoo; take food, pack extra children.

Zoos hire acrobats and muscians because caged animals are so boring.

All in all the human crew is best studied at the zoo.

We love the wild beasts — through thick glass.

Too compare American family life to a zoo demeans the zoo.

See the zoo; tour the world.

The zoo’s best public face is conservation.

Display is ever the arch enemy of freedom.

Compassion is the great link between man and animal; see how the elephants in Thula Thula mourn the loss of Lawrence Anthony.

All zoos are not created equal.

The shopping mall is the human zoo where we all pay to be on exhibit.

Behind the scenes at the zoo, business and conservation snarl and snap at each other over the green rhino.

The animals of the earth are most endanged by humanity’s torid love affair with killing them.

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