Men lie in their lovers’ arms, but when they tell the truth, they stand up and deliver from ten feet away.

A pinch of mendacity with a dash of veracity fools even the guests with the greatest sagacity.

Lies are the lipstick of social discourse.

Private lies hide in the wardrobe of public ceremony.

The deceptions of leaders who lie in wait do nothing for them when they lie in state.

A compliment is just a lie, all dressed up in a suit and tie.

To habitually lie, easy; to habitually tell the truth — impossible.

A high a lie; a lie a high.

The most dangerous lies are smiled.

Our lies over-estimate ourselves; they under-estimate others.

Lies first fool liars.

An exposed lie has all the grace and elegance of a DUI.

When we smile at our enemies, we harm ourselves.

Lies arrest what the truth bails out.

The most dangerous liars are those who are convinced they are telling the truth.

Disaffection’s indirection is the harmed soul’s predilection.

A lie is for the moment; a truth is for a lifetime.

To cure a liar takes a fire.


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