Wise by eyes; fools by rules.

There is one great rule to live by; we just can’t agree on what it is.

Rules require what visions inspire.

Rules are the magic wand by which we zap chaos into order — kind of.

Integrity lies in obeying the rules of sport when the umpire isn’t watching.

The rules that protect the ones we love may also crush them.

The hot bed of rules is irresponsibility.

Those who most pound the rules are usually those who most break them.

Parenting is the magic trick whereby a value is pulled out of a hat of rules.

Fungi thrive on decaying logs; rules sprout in rotten relationships.

First, rule thy self.

Rules don’t protect us from each other; following them does.

Wise judgments need no rules.

Love decimates all rules but itself.

A rule is a vicious assassin; it shoots nuanced thinking in the back of the head through a telescopic sight of over-simplification.

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