Before nothingness there was a meeting.

You may believe in nothing but shower and dress anyway — we thank you.

Nihilism arrises when someone is so angry at something that they call it nothing.

Those who say they believe in nothing — still eat.

Something-ness per day keeps nothingness at bay.

The sunflower annilhilated nihilism.

The future arrives as nothing is replaced with something.

Every claim that we cannot know excludes itself.

The nihilist eats ice cream and asks for more.

It matters that we ask, “What does it matter?”

You may believe in nothing but did you wake today?

The doctrine of nothingness finds its true home in a mind-numbing homelessness, an absolutely bitter empty-handedness, and a cold, shivering nakedness.

Life is a tail, attached to a cat, full of fun and worry, signifying something.


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